SAPPHIRE Nitro Gear 4N002-02-20G

SAPPHIRE Nitro Gear 4N002-02-20G

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Your gaming rig should be an expression of who you are, what you play and how you play - so why not change it up a bit and personalize it? Bring a whole new look to your favorite SAPPHIRE NITRO+ graphics card with two stylish new colors of cooler shroud and backplate. Match your card’s appearance with the theme of your build. Make it stand out. With SAPPHIRE NITRO Gear, it’s child’s play.

Shroud - make it shine

The cooler shroud usually isn’t the most exciting thing to look at. Time to mix things up. With SAPPHIRE NITRO Gear, you can swap the default black shroud with a completely new one. Available in two colors: Crimson Fire and Azure Ice - depending on whether you are hot and fiery gamer or cool as ice.

Back in style

We care deeply about backplates. They add to the card’s rigidity, but even more importantly, to its overall look. That’s why we supply SAPPHIRE NITRO Gear shrouds and backplates, so you can achieve a fresh and cohesive look.

Change is simple

You don’t need to be a professional modder or use any sophisticated tools. Swapping these parts is easy – simply unscrew a couple of screws and attach new components for a brand new look. We even include a SAPPHIRE 9-in-1 screwdriver in the box!


Color- Crimson Red

Material- Plastic (PC) Aluminum Nameplate

Size- (257 x 42.38 x 2)mm

Others- Quick Connector Spring Pad RGB LED SAPPHIRE Logo


Color- Crimson Red + Gray

Material- Aluminum

Size- (257 x 119.24)mm

Others- Thermal Pad (TIF800 K:5 W/m. k)

Продукт известен още и като Nitro Gear 4 N 002 02 20 G, NitroGear4N0020220G, Nitro Gear 4N002 02 20G, NitroGear4N002-02-20G

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