Razer Bungee RZ30-00610100-R3M1

Razer Bungee RZ30-00610100-R3M1

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The Razer Mouse Bungee is an update to an old-school mouse cord management accessory Razer acquired and revised for next-generation gaming. Its stable arm holds the mouse cord in place so it never tangles or causes friction against your surface-top, reducing drag and ensuring the fastest and most unhindered swipes.

A sturdy base with a weighted centre and anti-slip feet lets you worry less about unnecessary cord movement and focus more on winning games. Its sleek design makes the Mouse Bungee an essential addition to the limited space on your desk and will help keep your cord off the ground, away from the rest of your clutter.

When you’re a hardcore gamer, every little advantage counts. Control your mouse, don’t let it control you. The Razer Mouse Bungee is here to help.

Drag-Free Cord Control
Keep the mouse cord off the ground by threading through the raised spring arm. It prevents tangles and stops drag for a smoother mouse swiping experience, increasing competitive gaming performance.

Anti-Slip feet for Heavy-Duty Stability
A weight installed in the base’s centre along with anti-slip feet on the underside means the Razer Mouse Bungee remains stable no matter how fast and aggressive your mouse swipes are.

Space Saving
The Razer Mouse Bungee is structurally designed to be both an aesthetic addition to your gaming setup as well as a sleek space-saver with its small footprint.

- Anti-slip feet
- Rust-resistant taut spring arm to allow cable flex
- Head grip for mouse cord management
- Weighted base for stability
- Space-saving structure
- Approximate Size : 115 mm (Length) x 50 mm (Width) x 121 mm (Height)
- Approximate Weight : 105 g Продукт известен още и като Bungee RZ 30 00610100 R 3 M 1, BungeeRZ3000610100R3M1, Bungee RZ30 00610100 R3M1, BungeeRZ30-00610100-R3M1, Bungee RZ30-006 10 100-R3M 1

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